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Local Brewing Company

Tap into the LBC

The Local Brewing Company, better known as LBC, is an outstanding destination to hang out with friends, hold a business meeting, or hold a special celebration.

The Local Brewing Company is a high-energy bar/restaurant referred to as the LBC. This high-octane destination offers exceptional dining, superb drinks, and live entertainment that will knock your socks off. We are happily open from 11:00 am to 3:00 am for your pleasure. Our popularity is soaring because of our casual atmosphere, super-friendly staff, and the best food and drink menu in Palm Harbor. We are all about customer satisfaction. Whether you visit with family, friends, or business associates we promise you will enjoy your visit with us. We will not settle for anything less.


We are all about promoting the right environment for our customers. It is important to create an atmosphere where people can relax and have fun without getting out of hand. Our staff and crew do everything possible to make everyone's visit the ultimate service experience. It is all about customer satisfaction and comfort. You should be able to take that someone special or your family out to a destination you can trust. That is exactly what we offer at the Local Brewing Company. Of course, the fun-filled atmosphere is only part of the deal.


Many of our customers love to drop by to drink and mingle with their friends. They can cozy up to the bar or find a more romantic place to sit and enjoy the live entertainment. We offer the most popular beers on tap and in the bottle. If you are more of a wine lover, we offer a variety of outstanding vintages for your enjoyment. We offer a great destination to wind down after a long day or a weary week at work.


The only thing better than drinking with your friends, associates or family is savoring our taste-bud-pleasing menu. Our high-octane selection of tappetizers, phatbreads, sliders, and handhelds will satisfy any hunger. You will not find stale bar entrees on our menu. Everything is prepared fresh and kicked up a notch with special ingredients designed to overpower the senses. We serve traditional bar food with a twist and then we throw in some special dishes to add to your dining pleasure.

You will need a tall drink to survive our Buffalo Chicken Dip or our Fireball Shrimp. Goose's Onion Rings and our Naked Wings will silence any craving. Our Local Burger Sliders are delicious and our Pork Belly Sliders hypnotizing. Imagine wrapping your mouth around a Bourbon BBQ Phatbread or ordering a huge rack of Mr. Pibbs Ribs. We also offer irresistible seafood, chicken, steak, and pasta items for your dining enjoyment.

At the LBC, we are all about offering a sensational selection of food for snacking or filling a burning hunger. Whether you prefer burgers and sandwiches or a huge meal; we serve it up hot and fresh. You cannot walk into our bar and restaurant without being immediately lured by the tantalizing aroma drifting from the kitchen. Everything we do is geared towards customer satisfaction, from the food and drinks, the amazing atmosphere, the live entertainment, and our over-the-top service experience.


Are you looking for an awesome place to enjoy your favorite drink and some of the best food in the Palm Harbor community? The Local Brewing Company, better known as LBC, is an outstanding destination to hang out with friends, hold a business meeting, or hold a special celebration. People of all ages come together to relax in the pleasant atmosphere and take in the amazing live entertainment. We offer a vast menu filled with some of the tastiest food in Florida. Our drink list is filled with a wide array of beers, wines, and cocktail favorites. The LBC has something for everyone to enjoy.


The Local Brewing Company brings Palm Harbor the best of the wide selection of beer, and wine spirits combined with a gourmet selection of gastropub-inspired dishes.